Frank Viola’s Review of God Behaving Badly | Beyond Evangelical

Here is a link to Part 1 of Frank Viola’s blog  interview of me, focusing on topics related to God Behaving Badly:

God Behaving Badly | Beyond Evangelical | The Blog of Frank Viola.

In addition to some of the more typical questions (Why’d you write the book?) he asks more provocative Bill Maher-esque ones (1-3 I don’t address in GBB):

1) What about the law to chop off the hand of the wife who grabs the privates of her husband’s opponent?
2) Why can’t guys with crushed testicles enter the assembly?
3) Why did God try to kill Moses because he wasn’t circumsized?  (Do you notice a pattern?)
4) What about the slaughers of the Canaanites and the Amalekites?

Hope you enjoy it.  Part 2 comes tomorrow.

How would you answer these questions? 


  1. I was gonna ask you about the laws re: women menstruating = uncleanness, but I didn’t want to divert your attention from the male stuff. 🙂 Seriously, every question I asked are almost verbatim the texts & arguments that I’ve heard atheists and agnostics point to, trying to make the claim that “clearly a man came up with these laws.” I thought your answers were great. We’re now working on setting you up with Bill Maher. It will be on Pay Per View after one of the heavy weight fights. 😉

  2. Ok, can I just tell you that I came up with the idea, on my own, that circumcision was a way or reminding men that their whole selves were submitted to God every time they looked at themselves?!

    Which is very similar to what you said.

    I feel so affirmed.

  3. Frank, in terms of your questions, you are so kind. As my agent, I guess you get a big percentage on the fight?
    Ben, great minds think alike. I wonder about where I get ideas a lot. Was it something I read 10 years ago? I think God planned circumcision to remind men of his promise as often as they do their business.

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