Calm and quiet: Like the Weaned Child with Me Psalm 131


How does one become calm and quiet in a world of chaos and stress?  Check out my most recent post on Biblical’s website:

Calm and quiet: Like the Weaned Child with Me Psalm 131.

Where else do you find material images of God in Scripture?  



  1. Tim, thanks for the link. It’s helpful. We’re made male and female in the image of God, so that should have some implications in how we understand God. Obviously, the father image is primary, but the divine maternal imagery is more common than many people think.

    1. David, I think you are right, but I’d put it more strongly as talk of the father image being “primary” may risk giving the impression that God is male and such a god would be a mere Baal or Zeus… Though I agree that since father language is so common and important in the New Testament so expression like “primary” is needed.

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