Only one right side to Redskins debate, and history will remember – CBSSports

Washington-RedskinsI always find Gregg Doyel (of provocative.  I usually agree with him.  I definitely agree this time.  Read his argument here for why the Washington Redskins (US pro football team) should change their racist name: Only one right side to Redskins debate, and history will remember – CBSSports.

It makes it easier that I’m a Broncos fan (since I went to Stanford with John Elway–he was a year ahead of me, he didn’t know who I was).

Doyel’s best line, “Sometimes politically correct is morally correct.”

What do you  think?  I’d love to hear from any Redskins fans.


  1. An interesting question… what do we do with Cleveland Indians? I mean, they aren’t Indians… to use that name would be to perpetrate the policies and mistaken perspectives of the 15th century colonial era, right?

    Or the Atlanta Braves? Are all Native Americans warriors? How many of the Native American tribes actually lived peacefully with their neighbors?

    I am a ‘Skins fan… and perhaps they should change their name… but it seems a little weird that we’re targetting one team when there are probably other organizations and teams out there that could easily be targetted as well. If we’re seeking justice, let’s make sure we’re consistent across the board.

  2. Robert, those are good points. I’m sure there are lots of people out there who would say the same thing about those other sports teams, change them all to be consistent. When I was at Stanford, they dropped the mascot the Indians, and changed to the color Cardinal (I preferred “the Trees”, but they didn’t ask me.). I think the reason that Doyel focused on the Redskins was the two players, Monk and Green recently said the name should be changed, but the owner adamantly refused to do so. So Doyel was focusing on recent events related to the Washington team. Thanks for engaging.

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