The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Bible Dictionaries are perhaps the most helpful reference when it comes to understanding the Bible.  Commentaries often give too much information, particularly about issues you’re not interested in.  For my thoughts on Study Bibles click here (“I hate Study Bibles”) and here (part 2)–I don’t like them.

But Bible Dictionaries give you want you need to understand the Bible.  I’ve contributed to three other Bible Dictionaries (see “Other Books“).  So, I’m excited to tell you about a brand new one.

The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary is now available from Amazon and other sources.

OK, I may be a bit biased since I wrote twelve articles for this one (out of 5000 total).

Some of the bigger articles were:
1) Hosea the book (I’d never written on Hosea, but I liked how this came out)
2) Hosea the person (You think your spouse is bad, he married a prostitute)
3) Jacob (I negotiated to get more words for Jacob, taking a few away from Lot)
4) Lot (Should Abraham have taken him or left him behind?)
5) Jeroboam (What was so bad about those altars?)

Others were:
6) Elihu (Do you know who this is?)
7) Hilkiah (Josiah’s priest)
8) Gedaliah (Governor of Judah)
9) Jehoiachin (Do you get confused between him and Jehoiakim? join the club)
10) Jehoiakim
11) Jephthah (Did he really sacrifice his daughter?)
12) Lamech (The first polygamist/misogynist)

Hope you find it helpful in your studies.

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