The Bible’s Secrets Revealed

Bible Secrets RevealedThe History Channel is about to start a 6-part series entitled:

Bible Secrets Revealed, starting tonight (Wed, Nov. 13, 2013) at 10:00 ET.  Program your DVR’s.

You can watch a preview here.

Although, I haven’t seen it, I know I have a few friends in it.  (I’m hurt they didn’t invite me to participate.)

I’m sure parts of it will be great, much of it will be interesting, and some of it I won’t agree with, but I think it’s still good to listen to people I disagree with.  Biblical scholars often disagree, which gives us something to argue about.

And for a series like this to seem new, or novel, they’ll need to sensationalize the newest “findings”.

We’ll see.  I’ll watch and comment as I can (although, this is busy teaching period for me until mid-Dec).

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you watch it.  


  1. It might as well be a show by Secular Humanists, Inc., designed to inculcate doubt about the reliability of the Bible, not to objectively answer questions about obscure aspects of the Bible’s textual history. There are too many problematic elements in the first episode to sum up in one little comment. But one might begin by pointing to the show’s outrageous insinuations that Constantine authored the Bible, that the Gospel-writers wrote in Greek because it was financially more profitable, that Mark 16:9-20 = eight verses (that was from Reza Aslan), and Aslan’s claim that the nativity-stories in Mt and Lk are “full fictions.”

  2. James, Thanks for the comment, and particularly the specific examples. I probably won’t be able to watch until this weekend, so I’ll hold judgment until then, although I suspected something along the lines of what you said.

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