CT’s Top Articles of 2015

Top 20 CT articles of 2015Christianity Today just posted “The Top 20 Most-Read Articles of 2015.”

Number 14 was “David was a Rapist, Abraham was a Sex Trafficker.” I guess people do want to read about sex in Scripture, or at least hear what God’s word has to say on the subject.

If you’re intrigued, and want to read more on this subject, check out Prostitutes and Polygamists: A Look at Love, Old Testament Style.

Scripture talks about sex.  Many men and women after God’s own heart had serious problems in the area of sex and sexuality, and the Bible doesn’t avoid these subjects, so we shouldn’t either.


  1. We’re #14! We’re #14! We’re #14! 🙂

    Congrats on stirring the pot and provoking conversation!

    Hope y’all are having a great experience at Urbana and praying that Shannon’s teaching and your sharing are impactful.

    1. Thanks, Robert. Yes, Urbana is fantastic. Shannon’s Bible Study was awesome students loved it. My seminar was standing room only, had to close the doors 5 minutes early. Both books sold out yesterday. I had a blast talking to students about God’s word.

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