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Walls, Tombs and Rocks: BTS Visits Jerusalem

Dome on Steps

Here is the first of a series of blogs about our trip to Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey and Greece, with folks from BTS:

Walls, Tombs and Rocks: BTS Visits Jerusalem.

In this post from the BTS faculty blog, I talk about our first full day in Israel, walking down the Mt of Olives, past the Garden of Gethsemane, sitting on the steps near the Dome of the Rock (pictured above, listening to our guide, Nathan), praying in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and at the Western Wall.

Dome of Rock and Dave


Avoiding the Really Old (Biblical Seminary blog)

How does one get through the security line quickly at the airport?

How do we do as a church in valuing the elderly?  How does God value them?

To read some reflections on these questions, check out my recent blog on Biblical Seminary’s faculty blog: Avoiding the Really Old.

I didn’t take this picture (somebody told me you aren’t supposed to take pictures at the airport, and I always do what I’m told).

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Missional Presidents and Missional Partnerships (Biblical Faculty Blog)

At the end of WWII, President Truman needed someone to run a food aid program for post-war Europe to potentially save 100 million people.  Who did he select?  It’s someone you’ve heard of, but not someone you would have expected.

To find out more, read my blog post on Biblical Seminary’s faculty blog: Missional Presidents and Missional Partnerships.

Is it possible that the church can learn from the example of Republican and Democrat presidents about how to work together across traditional boundaries?  Yes.

While still unusual, “Missional Partnerships” among Christians are becoming more common.  In the post I mention two examples of Christians working together across denominational boundaries to advance God’s mission.  (I also discuss the book, The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity a great read, by the way.)

Two nights ago (after I had written this blog post), I attended a reception for high school students with my son Nathan (a junior) hosted by five schools: Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn and Stanford.  When I told one of my friends about the reception he asked, “Did they all bag on each other?”  Shockingly, they did not.  It was impressive to see highly competitive schools work together for a common goal.  I wish denominations could reach across boundaries to work together like these presidents and these colleges.

God, make this more true of the Church.   

Where have you seen missional partnerships among Christians?