Peter Gowesky Interview about God Behaving Badly

Peter Gowesky Interview

I was interviewed recently by friend and Biblical Seminary alum Peter Gowesky for his blog (Exploring how faith affects life).

Peter is a campus pastor at Liquid Church in Nutley, NJ.

Check out the link to the 14 minute video here:

An Interview with Dave Lamb –

Pete asks a bunch of questions about God and his problematic behavior in the pages of the Old Testament, most of which I discuss in my book God Behaving Badly.

In the interview, I also give my take on God’s first two commands in Scripture (slightly paraphrased from Gen. 1:28; 2:16):

1) “Have a lot of sex.”

2) “Eat a lot of food.”

(You’ll appreciate the fact that I raised the computer onto a stack of books so we didn’t have the “up the nostril” affect.)

3D Bible Reading Video

Hebrew and Greek Promo.PNG 2I still remember the first time I saw a film in 3-D, I kept trying to grab things in front of my face, a buzzing fly, a bouncing ball, a whizzing rocket about to crash into my monstrous nose.  I knew those things weren’t really there, but 3D was so different from the 2-D film experience, it seemed real.

Reading the Bible in the original languages, Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek for the New Testament, is like watching a film in 3D.  Films in 2D are still great, enjoyable, interesting, awesome, wonderful, but 3D is better–richer, deeper, more vivid, more colorful.

My New Testament colleague here at Biblical Steve Taylor and I were interviewed recently about why it’s important to learn the biblical languages, and here’s our take on why the 3D original language version of the biblical story is better than the 2D version in English.  Click here to watch or below (2 and 1/2 minutes).

Video filmed by Joel Limbauan.

Shannon and Dave on TV: “The Bible and You”

The Bible and You Documentary

This Saturday (March 30) at 9:00 pm a documentary entitled “The Bible and You” will air on CTS (a Canadian Network).

It will include interviews from famous people: Tony Campolo, Craig Evans (author of Fabricating Jesus), Eric Metaxas (author of the Amazing Grace and Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy), A. J. Jacobs (author of The Year of Living Biblically), Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (co-producers of “The Bible” currently airing on The History Channel).  These are the people who get mentioned in the publicity.

It will also include interviews from less famous people: Shannon and Dave Lamb.  These are the people who don’t get mentioned in the publicity.

If you don’t live in Canada, it will be streamed live (click here) Saturday at 9:00 pm.  It will be available online on-demand until Monday, April 1st at 11:59 pm.

I’ve been told there are 4 clips each of Shannon and me, totaling about 2 minutes each.  So, I guess we each have 3 more minutes of fame left.

There are 4 previews, each about 10 minutes long: Clip #1.  Clip #2 .  Clip #3.   Clip #4.  Shannon appears in clips #1, #3, #4.  I appear in #2 (9:25-9:55 – Psalm 119), #3, #4.

What I’ve seen of the documentary looks fantastic (particularly the bits with Shannon).  I hope you’re able to see it.

(Only four more days of God Behaving Badly on Kindle for only $2.99.)

Tell me what you think.  

Is God Loving or Angry? on Vimeo (Swarthmore)

On Good Friday (4/6/2012) I spoke at the InterVarsity chapter at Swarthmore College on the second chapter of God Behaving Badly .  It was filmed.

The sound is pretty good, considered I wasn’t miked.

Here it is on Vimeo (37 minutes):
David Lamb – Is God Loving or Angry? on Vimeo.


David Lamb – Is God Loving or Angry? from Swarthmore Christian Fellowship on Vimeo.