The Emotions of God

Here is what the back cover says about my latest book, The Emotions of God: Making Sense of a God Who Hates, Weeps, and Loves:

The God of the Bible is emotional. Many Christians don’t want to associate emotions with God. Emotions feel irrational, and the idea of God experiencing hate, anger, and jealousy can be confusing and problematic. And yet the Bible is full of stories where God expresses deep emotion. Christians are often left wondering how to reconcile the tension of an all-powerful God expressing seemingly uncontrollable feelings. If God is hateful and angry at humanity, is he a God worth believing in?

In The Emotions of God, biblical scholar David Lamb examines seven divine emotions—hate, anger, jealousy, sorrow, joy, compassion, and love—and argues that it is not only good that God is emotional but also that we as his image-bearers can express emotions in such a way that reflects his goodness to the world. With discussion questions and suggestions for application, Lamb challenges his readers to journey with him into a rich study of the stories surrounding God’s emotions so that we might better know God and reflect the beauty of emotion to the world.”

Here is the Publishers Weekly review: “The sharp exegesis offers fresh insights into what it means for God to feel… this keen analysis enlightens.”

Here is an excerpt from IVP.