David T. Lamb

Is the God of the Old Testament…?

Ten Commandments Smashed a Second Time

The Ten Commandments have been smashed a second time.  The first time the perpetrator was Moses.  He got mad when he saw that the Israelites were worshiping the golden calf (Exo. … Continue reading

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Hand over Fist by Kevin Glenn

The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for gridlock. The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for waste. Denominations are splitting over the issue of gay marriage. Churches are dividing over the issue … Continue reading

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From Justin Hall to 100,000 hits

In 1994, Justin Hall, a freshman at Swarthmore college began begin his web-based log, Justin’s Links from the Underground. Thus, began the first blog. In 2004, New York Times Magazine … Continue reading

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Denzel Goes Old Testament

“Denzel Goes Old Testament” is the title of the film review of The Equalizer by Richard Corliss in the most recent Time (Oct. 6, 2014).  He plays Mac who gets in … Continue reading

October 3, 2014 · 4 Comments

God Behaving Badly

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