David T. Lamb

Dave lived in Lexington (KY) long enough to become a Wildcat fan (age 1), lived in Downers Grove (IL) long enough to become a Cubs fan (age 5), and lived in Ames (IA) long enough to learn how to walk beans and de-tassel corn (age 18).

As a young man, he went west to Stanford (CA), where he studied economics (BA), industrial engineering (MS), and Bible (in InterVarsity). He witnessed “The Play” where the Cardinal band came on the field after the Cal player’s knee hit the ground (before lateraling the ball). He served on staff with InterVarsity (1986-1999) at Claremont, Redlands (CA), and Penn (PA).

Against her better judgment, Shannon agreed to marry him (1991), and together they created Nathan and Noah. One can never have enough advanced degrees, so he got an MDiv (Fuller Seminary), an MPhil and a DPhil (University of Oxford).

From 2006 to 2018, he taught Old Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary, but in October of 2018, he started teaching at Missio Seminary (because Biblical changed its name). He is now the Dean of the Faculty and the Allan A. MacRae Professor of Old Testament. Along the way, he wrote six books and is currently working on two more (see books). He loves to give others a love for God’s word.

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