The Sorrow of God

On November 17, 2022, I spoke on "The Sorrow of God," based on John 11:29-38 at Breakfast with Missio as a part of my series on The Emotions…
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Netzer Podcast artwork

Recent Podcasts

Here are links to a few recent podcast I've done, mainly related to my book, The Emotions of God. The Netzer Podcast, The Quite Reformation: "God, You're Soooooo…
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A stack of books on a shelf

Emotions of God Book Club, anyone?

My latest book The Emotions of God: Making Sense of a God Who Hates, Weeps, and Loves comes out in November, 2022. If this sounds interesting to you, come…
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1-2 Kings commentary cover

The Arrival of Kings

I started working on my commentary for 1-2 Kings in 2012. My doctoral dissertation was focused on 2 Kings (the dynasty of Jehu), so I was excited to…
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Codex Sinaiticus (Luke 11.2)

Does God Care about Capitalization?

I got a question from a student today asking about capitalizing pronouns for God. Here is her email: Many times when I am writing, when it refers to God,…
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inContext podcast artwork

Theology of Work + Jonah Podcast

My short article for the Theology of Work Commentary, "David's Rape of Bathsheba and Murder of Uriah" went live today.  From their website: "The vision of the Theology…
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Urbana 18 logo

Urbana 2018

Since 1946, God has spoken to over 300,000 students at the Urbana conference about missions and what he is doing around the world. The conference started in Toronto,…
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Bible Reading Chart

Bible Reading 101 (Part 2): Keep Track

What do you keep track of? People keep track of calories, expenses, water consumption, sex, bills, medications, vacation time, chores, taxes.  Why do we record these things?  When…
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Memories of my father

My father (Richard C. Lamb, senior) passed away yesterday (Feb 10, 2018).  While it wasn’t a shock, he was 84 and in hospice, we are still really sad.…
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Coffee with friends

“We never leave you alone”

As my Korean friends drove me to Incheon Airport to send me home to JFK last Sunday, I expected them to just drop me off at the curb,…
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A map of Korea

Traveling to Korea (Oct 25-Nov 5)

I leave today (Oct 25) to travel to Korea for 12 days.  I will be speaking at one of the largest churches in Korea, SaRang (which means "Love")…
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