Psalms 6: The ultimate blessing of torah-obsession (Psalm 1:6)

As we’ve looked at the first psalm, we’ve discussed the benefits that come from an obsession with God’s law, and the downside of not delighting in torah (= “law”).  But in the final verse of this psalm the ultimate blessing of the law comes through clearly.

Psalm 1:6 declares that YHWH “knows” the way of the righteous.  While other translations (NIV, NRSV) render the Hebrew word yada reasonably as “watches” here, I like the ESV’s more literal “knows”.  The word yada has a wide range of meaning including “to know” someone in the biblical sense.  But it makes sense here that YHWH would know someone well who is obsessively focused upon YHWH’s law.  Why would someone delight in torah?

Because God’s law will lead one into deeper into relationship with God.  In verse two, the blessed person delights in the torah of YHWH and meditates day and night on HIS torah.  It’s not just the law, but God’s law.  If we want to know God better and be known by God better, what better place to focus than on his words?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how focusing on God’s laws deepens one’s relationship with God.   

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