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God Behaving Badly 5: What really happened in Genesis 3?

If only Eve had hired a publicist instead.  (In case you’re not sure, the publicist is the one wearing clothes.)

So, what did really happened in Genesis 3?   While Non sequitur‘s version may not be accurate, the popular version of “The Fall” isn’t really either (see text below).  The humans aren’t called “Adam” and “Eve” yet, but simply “the man” and “the woman”.  They probably didn’t eat an apple, but it could have been a fig, since their clothes were made of fig leaves (Gen. 3:7).  And while the women tends to get the bulk of the blame (making this passage seem sexist, see God Behaving Badly, pages 53-55), her husband was with her the whole time (Gen. 3:6).  He says nothing despite the fact that he had heard the command not to eat of the one tree directly from God (Gen. 2:17).  The woman at least offers some resistance to the serpent, but when she offers some to him he says, “OK, sure” (typical guy, always hungry).

Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t put the blame exclusively on the man.  So, who do you think was more at fault, the man or the woman?


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