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How realistic is Megamind?

As a family we just watched the DVD of Megamind (2010, Dreamworks).  Overall, excellent, funny, entertaining: three thumbs up.

Just one question, how realistic is Megamind?  I mean, come on, the character Megamind has a watch that instantly transforms him into a completely different person.  While it would be convenient (a bit like a SMITE button on your keyboard), I don’t think they have that kind of technology today.  Soon you’ll probably be able to get an iphone app that does that, but that’s at least 5 years away, and it will be a couple of years more before they make watches that do that.

The special effects in Megamind are good though.  They make it look like it could actually happen (i.e., transforming into a completely different person instantly).

The day after we watched Megamind, my older son Nathan and I were bickering over who was more skilled in the fine arts of the remote control (shocking, huh?).  My younger son, Noah finally says, “Girls, girls.  You’re both pretty.  Can I go home now?”  (Now, you need to see the film.)

(But seriously, when will we get to the point in our culture that calling a man or a boy, a “woman” or a “girl” is not considered an insult?  Is it insulting to call a woman a “man”?  Not in the same way.)

So, how realistic do you think Megamind is?  Other animated feature films that you think aren’t realistic?

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