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Psalms 3: Obsession with Torah (Psalm 1:2)

The one who doesn’t walk, stand or sit with scoffers delights in the law of YHWH.  This non-scoffer meditates day and night on Torah.  Day and night?  24/7 thinking about Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy?  It’s easy to imagine being pre-occupied with many things (sports, films, possessions, people), but being obsessed with the Law?

What could possibly cause someone to become so focused on something like Law?

Why does someone become obsessed with an object?  It gives them great delight, or even pleasure.  For some, sex, others money, others competition.  For the psalmist, Torah.  Nice.  An obsession with Law.  I’m still working on that.

How does Torah provide pleasure for you?  Why do you think the psalmist meditates on it day and night? 

My current method of transforming a highlighted text in Word 2007 into one I could display here involves converting the file into a .png document using Zamzar (which is free), extracting the zipped file, cropping here on my WordPress blog, and here’s the result.  Any suggestions on how to do convert colorful highlighted files from Word more efficiently?  (I’m new to blogging and WordPress.)

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