God Behaving Badly 9: Christianity Today excerpt

Here’s the link to the July 2011 Christianity Today excerpt (the “wedgie for a wedgie” story).  I’m now CT‘s go-to guy on the theological implications of wedgies (you got to start somewhere).

After reading the excerpt, check out:

Tim Stafford on the amazing story of “India’s Grassroots Revival” (pages 28-36),

John Granger (no relation to Hermione) on the literary genius of J. K. Rowling (pages 50-53),

Timothy Gombis on misperceptions of the apostle Paul (pages 46-49).

One comment

  1. David, as you may know I’ve been blogging my way through your book. I’d be delighted for you to join the conversation. Thus far I’ve posted through chapter 5. Feel free to weigh in; I look forward to the conversation.

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