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God Behaving Badly 7: A wedgie for a wedgie

I found out last month that Christianity Today was going to print an excerpt from God Behaving Badly in its July magazine.

I’ve been frantically checking our mailbox for the past few days, looking for the magazine.  (True confession, I was also a little worried that there would be a miscommunication and they wouldn’t excerpt my book.)  I figured our CT would arrive in the mail yesterday (it was afterall July 1), and was encouraged to see two magazine in our mail box, but alas, The Economist and Time, no CT.

I went over to Biblical, and noticed a copy of CT in John Franke’s box just above mine (alas, June 30 was his last day at Biblical).  I tore open the magazine to see what exemplary sample of my magnificent prose they had selected to display for their billions of readers and was shocked to discover the Wedgie Story (page 72 of CT; pages 105-106 of GBB).  I wonder how many wedgie stories CT typically includes in their monthly magazine…  So, if my Amazon ranking dramatically improves in the next few days, we’ll know–Christians desperately want to read more about wedgies.  I’ve found my market niche.

The story comes in the context of my discussion OT laws about “an eye for an eye” or lex talionis, so I was inspired to tell the “wedgie for a wedgie” story…Recently, one of my sons gave the other a wedgie.  While chasing the perpetrator, the victim yelled out, “An eye for an eye, a wedgie for a wedgie.”  While fleeing, the perpetrator replied, “You’re supposed to turn the other cheek.”

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