Got purity? (Psalm 119:9)

How can young people keep their way pure?
By guarding it according to your word (Psa. 119:9 NRSV).

Yeah, but do young people want to keep their way pure?  Perhaps not, but if they did, the word of God would help them.

Two, milestones today.  First, we’ve moved into the second section of Psalm 119, the eight verses that all begin with the Hebrew letter Bet.   Only 168 verses to go.  Second, my blog went over 10,000 hits (that’s total since I started last spring, not daily).  Thanks for viewing.

While in the Aleph section, a variety of different words (all starting with Aleph) were used at the beginning of a verse, seven of the eight verses of this Bet section all begin with the Hebrew preposition (basically just the consonant Bet) that gets attached to the beginning of a noun (often translated as “with” or “in”; the “How” here is literally “In what”).  So, the psalmist isn’t as creative in this section as the last.  We’ll see if that pattern continues through the rest of the psalm.

So, how does God’s word help that rare young person who wants to keep their way pure?  It shows them how to live–love God, love your neighbor, that’s how Jesus summed it up.  And God’s word ultimately pushes us back into relationship with the author of those laws, God himself.

What do you keep your way pure? 

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