nijay k gupta blog review of GBB

Here is gracious review of God Behaving Badly by Nijay Gupta (Review here).  He’s an assistant professor of Biblical Studies at Seattle Pacific University.  (He calls it “The Perfect Textbook”–I’ll have to buy him a meal sometime.)

Although, now I’m curious about the illustrations that he thought were off and the places he didn’t agree…

For his info, click here:



  1. Hey David! I hope you’re well. I read God behaving Badly and enjoyed it tremendously. I wonder, though – have you read ‘The Human Faces of God’ by Thom Starke. It is quite a compelling read and takes quite a different approach to the OT than you do. If you’ve read it, what’s your take on it? If you haven’t I really recommend it so you know the field on this topic … blessings!

  2. Nigel, Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed GBB. No, I haven’t read Starke’s book, but I know I should. I’ve read and review on my blog books by Copan, Wright and Seibert on this topic. Thanks again for the recommendation. – Dave

  3. Thank you for the btuaeiful Easter blog. I’m so thankful for the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior whose precious blood was shed for the sins of the world – even a sinner like me. Praise God for His incredible gift of eternal life with Him. Thank you as always for the wonderful pictures. Can’t wait to be down in Branson!! Many blessings to your family. Happy Easter – He is Risen Indeed! Ann

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