5 reasons to use your bound Bible & not your smartphone in church |

From David Smith, a preacher from Texas: 5 reasons to use your bound Bible & not your smartphone in church |.

I have a dumb phone, so this isn’t really a temptation for me, but I like his arguments.  I would be tempted to do other stuff with my phone during the service.

I would add, you can’t see much of the text, so it’s hard to make connections between the first verse and the last verse of a passage, where that’s easy to do on a printed page.


    1. Dear Sweet Aunt Ruthie! You are such an irsiinatpon to me! I feel strange describing myself as a ‘lady in waiting’, when I am married, but I am waiting for the day when I blessed with the opportunity to be a keeper at home. My hubby is working on his degree, so I currently work to support us. Some days are hard for me, but you are such an encouragement! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family, home and outlook on LiFe. I want to be like you ‘when I grow up’. It is my HeArTs GREATEST DeSiRe to be a Keeper At Home.I appreciate your example and encouragement!ThAnK YoU!

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