King James on a bike

I don’t like the Miami Heat.  I like the Philadelphia 76ers.  Last year the Heat beat the 76ers in the playoffs.  I like the Chicago Bulls.  Last year the Heat beat the Bulls in the playoffs.  I don’t like the Miami Heat.

While I was watching the Heat play the Bulls today (I watched about 20 minutes), the two ESPN announcers (Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Breen) said that LeBron James rode his bike to work that day.  What?  King James on a bike.  Apparently, he does this frequently since traffic is bad in Miami.

James states, “Biking is an extremely important part of my training routine.”

I ride my bike to work.  Traffic in Hatfield (PA) is almost as bad as Miami.  My commute isn’t too bad, normally 4 minutes by bike, 3 minutes by car.  But if I’m biking to the seminary when the 15 mph school zone light is flashing outside St Maria Goretti school, I pass a lot of cars.

Me and LeBron.  I feel a bond with the King.  Go Heat!

Do you like the Heat?  Do you ride a bike?  (If the answer to the 2nd is yes, don’t you think the answer to the 1st should be yes too?)


  1. When I heard that, I thought it was risky because that can take a toll on your legs. But he held up well in the game, so it’s all good. Still a funny story!

    1. we are all wniedrong whether or not the Heat should panic (remember in this article I said they SHOULDN’T) , then the next, we’re praising them for getting revenge on the Spurs, in a blowout. This

  2. A lot of athletes keep legs warm during games on a stationary bike. I’m surprised more people don’t bike. Maybe LeBron will start of trend among professional athletes?

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