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Delighting, forgetting and 9% (Psalm 119:16)

I will delight in your statutes;
I will not forget your word
 (Psa. 119:16 NRSV).

More delighting in God’s statutes.  In verse 14, the psalmist delighted  (but it uses a different Hebrew verb) in YHWH’s testimonies like Donald Trump delights in riches.  (I wouldn’t know what that was like.)  The psalmist continues to delight here.

In the Hebrew, the prepositional phrase begins the sentence, so more literally: “In your statutes, I will delight”.  Thus, the verse not surprisingly begins the letter Bet (from the prepositional prefix here translated as “in”) for this final verse of the Bet section of the psalm.  Now we’re at the 16th verse out of 176.  We’re 1/11 finished.  That’s over 9% (and you said it couldn’t be done).

This time the delighting is connected not to riches but to not forgetting.  To not forget we write on our hands, God writes it the sky (i.e., a rainbow- Gen 9:13-16), but the psalmist delights in God’s word.

What sorts of things do want to make sure we don’t forget?  Important things: anniversary, SS#, where we put the car keys…and God’s word.  What do we want to forget?  Among other things, the Broncos loss to the Patriots last week.

Delighting in God’s words will help you remember them.

Next week, I’ll take a week off blogging on Psalm 119, then the following week we’ll start the Gimel section of the psalm which is one of my favorites.

What do you do to not forget something? 

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