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What’s really impressive about Tebow

In case you’ve just come back from Mars, Tim Tebow is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  And he’s a Christian.

You may be sick of Tebow, but I’m still excited about the Broncos massive upset over the Steelers last weekend.  Since John Elway went to Denver, I’ve been a Broncos fan.  (I went to school with Elway.  No, we weren’t friends.  If you beg, I may tell you about our “interaction.”  I was there for Elway’s last game for Stanford against Cal when the band came on the field and the trombone player got smacked.  But I digress…)

Much is made of Tim Tebow’s Tebowing prayer pose.  But I don’t see what the big deal is about that.  Athletes in all professions have been pointing up to heaven after a touchdown, a three-pointer, a home run, a checkmate (well, perhaps not a checkmate).  Giving credit to God publicly in sports isn’t new.  Tebow just has a different way of doing it.  It’s like a new touchdown dance, only religious.

Tebow’s had a great year and time will tell whether Tebow makes it to the Hall of Fame.  But from the perspective on his faith, what I find most impressive is how gracious he’s been toward people who hate him publicly.  The guy has loved his enemies.  And as commands of Jesus go, that’s got to be one of the hardest.  It’s also one that supposedly Christian politicians routinely don’t follow (check out some of the new campaign ads).

Tebow has been raked over the coals by sportswriters, bloggers, comedians, Saturday Night Live, etc.  And he laughs and responds positively every time.  If the Broncos win the Super Bowl (all things are possible…), his positive attitude towards his detractors would still be a greater victory than the ring.

What do you like or not like about Tim Tebow?  (I don’t like that he went to Florida.)

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