Fifty years ago today at Calvary Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, Jane Lamb, wife of Dick Lamb, gave birth to David Lamb.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Fifty.  Sounds old.  Yep.  Because it is old.

It’s tempting to lament my youth.  I miss not getting injured when I do sports.  I miss people calling me “Dave” instead of “Sir” or “Professor”.  I miss being able to pick up my sons and hold them upside down and tickle them.  (One towers over me, the other will look me eye-to-eye in a few months.)

But I’d rather celebrate than lament.   Compared to 10 years ago, I’m slightly wiser now, I’m getting paid more now (I was an unemployed doctoral student then) and I have a blog now (a blessing and a curse), which allows me to reflect publicly on major life events.  Shannon thinks it’s good to celebrate too.  I just discovered the posters she put up all over Biblical’s campus declaring the news.

However, the main reason to celebrate–I’m a little closer to being with Jesus.  That’s about as good as it gets.

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