The Curse of the Smart Phone

In my post on Monday, I argued that smart phones were dumb, and dumb phones were smart.  The same day I lost my dumb cell phone.

It’s now been missing for 6 days.  Coincidence?

I don’t think so.

The curse of the smart phone.  Somehow, the smart phones were listening.  They struck back with a vengeance.

Since Monday I languished under the curse.  I even had to borrow my teenage son’s cell phone while I was at Biblical’s faculty retreat (a great time, btw).  Finally today, I figured out how to re-activate my previous dumb phone (so it’s not just my phone that’s dumb).

Be careful what you say about your phone.  Do you believe in phone curses?

OK, the message of the image (from isn’t directly relevant, but the title fits.

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