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Humorous edification and a talking donkey: Luddite Chronicles 5

My last Luddite Chronicle argued that real books are like the Energizer bunny (click here).  It elicited an interesting comment from Simon: “To be honest, there’s no spiritual edification in this blog post.”

First, I commend Simon for commenting on one of my posts.  I’d love it if more folks would comment.  Even if you disagree with me, feel free to follow his example. (I assume Simon thought the absence of spiritual edification was a bad thing.)

Second, to be honest I appreciate his willingness “to be honest” in a way that’s gracious.  Other commenters have expressed disapproval less graciously.

My response to Simon’s comment are below in italics:

Simon, I believe humor is edifying.  (Although, you may not find any humor in my post.) 

I firmly believe that humor is good for the soul, and the God who spoke to Balaam through his donkey (Num. 22), I suspect, agrees with me on this point.  (Although, one could certainly argue that my Energizer post, in fact, lacked humor.)

Also, I firmly believe technology is one of the biggest idolatries of our time.  I’m trying to defame this particular idol, to make us question why we always need the newest and best (and most expensive) technology.  Sometimes I make my attack on technology explicit.  Sometimes I try to be more subtle.

One of the things I’m trying to do with these Luddite Chronicles (here’s Post 1 (Intro), Post 2 (Newspapers), Post 3 (Smartphones are dumb)) is to get people to think about how the latest technology is both a blessing and curse.  I’m focusing on the curse side because too much is made of the blessing side.

I can’t speak with confidence about the idols of others, but I would assume that people who frequent the blogosphere are more susceptible to techno-idolatry, than the non-blogging community.  Sometimes idolatry needs to be bashed directly (see Judg. 6 and this post on Bulls and Baals), but other times it can be defamed with humor, parody and trash-talking (see 1 Kings 18 and this post on Baal’s bowel movement).  I hope my attempts at making fun of techno-idolatry cause people, including myself, to reflect on how nothing (not even a new iPhone) other than the God of the universe will ultimately satisfy us.

What do you think–was the energizer bunny post edifying?  Is humor edifying? 

Image from http://www.unlikelypastor.com/archives/90

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