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Even more Shameless Marketing for God Behaving Badly

It’s been awhile since I’ve done shameless marketing for my book God Behaving Badly.  Even though no one has been complaining, I know you’ve missed it.  Here are 4 random bits of GBB news.

1) In a little over a year since its original printing, GBB has been reprinted 5 more times.  Somebody has been buying books.  If that’s you, thank you.  If that’s not you, why not?

2) The May 2, 2012 edition of Christian Century includes Bestsellers by Publisher (I think you’ll need a subscription to see Bestsellers) and GBB was #3 for IVP.  This was pointed out to me by Lisa Lamb’s mom (my sister-in-law’s mother, so my mother-in-law-in-law?)

3) For a few hours on Monday, used copies of GBB were selling for $17.51 on Amazon, almost $3 more than the price for new copies (if I were clever, I would have come up with a plan to make money on that).  As of today, the used price has come down to $8.99, which is still not bad for a book that typically retails for about $10.  People apparently want to hold onto their books.  My brother Rich thinks that’s because they are so rare, they are becoming collectors’ items.  Any ideas why Amazon’s price has been $15 for the past couple of weeks?  It was about $10 for a long time.

4) The Spring 2012 Enrichment Magazine included a book review of GBB (to see book reviews you’ll need a subscription): “I highly recommend this book to students, laypeople and pastors as an excellent introduction to how to understand the Old Testament portrait of God in light of questions raised by new atheists and struggling Christians” (George P. Wood).  If I didn’t already have 40 copies on my living room floor, I’d be tempted to buy one.

Other shameless marketing suggestions? 

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