Der missverstandene Gott? (A Review)

Der missverstandene GottSprechen Sie Deutsch?

If you do, check out Julia Weisenberger’s review of Der missverstandene Gott? (more familiar to English speakers as God Behaving Badly) which just appeared on her website.

The subtitle in case you can’t read it from the image is:

Ist der Gott des Alten Testaments zornig, sexistisch und rassistisch? Kritisiert man ihm zu Recht?

I couldn’t appreciate much of what she said in the review, but I did appreciate the 5 stars.

On March 6, you can check out her interview with me.

I have a free copy of Der missverstandene Gott to give (mailed within the US only) to the person who provides me with the best reason why they should own a German translation of God Behaving Badly (deadline Feb. 17).


  1. I need a German copy because I am a Hebrew Bible PhD student, which means 1) I always need to practice my German and 2) I can’t afford books!

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