Noah’s Universe

Noah's UniverseMy son Noah (15) loves Astronomy.  Here is his first blog a post about the universe on his friend EJ’s website.

He wants to be an Astrophysicist like his grandfather, and he has inherited his grandfather’s ability to explain complex ideas in simple language.

Unfortunately, Christians often don’t know how to communicate the complex truths about God, his word and his world in simple language that people can understand.

If a 15 year-old can explain clearly about Dark Matter, shouldn’t we be able to re-tell the Story of the Bible without using 5-syllable words?


  1. We can. Some of us do. But sometimes when discussing technical matter among aficionados we find longer words helpful.

    But I agree with the point (I think) you are making too often Christians use in house aficionado language when talking to others outside the circle of specialists.

  2. Thanks Phil and Ernie,
    Yes, Tim, I agree we can, but we don’t do it enough. And what’s the deal with theologians obsession with using Latin. I like Latin, but why say Missio Dei, when “Mission of God” is more clear?

  3. Agreed, unless missio dei has become a technical term meaning less than (or occasionally more than) “God’s mission” does 😉 Within a circle (church, academy…) technical terms (even foreign ones) can be convenient. When communicating beyond the charmed circle they are an embarrassment. The key is the audience!

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