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Half price for God Behaving Badly @WTS Bookstore

Still don’t have a copy of one of IVP’s best-selling books?

The Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore is running a serious discount on God Behaving Badly.  To get it, click here: WTS Books Newsletter.

WTS Bookstore

The retail price for GBB is $15.
Amazon, which usually has the best price, is currently selling it new for $11.47.
As of today, the USED price on Amazon is $8.23.  (Readers keep this book.)
Until June 26, 2013, WTS Bookstore is selling it new for $7.50.

If you want to get it half-price you only have 6 more days.

God_Behaving_Badly_CoverGod Behaving Badly would make a great gift for a graduating senior.  The issues the book discusses are hot topics on college campuses.  Over the past two years, I’ve spoken at over a dozen campuses, and students desperately want to discuss the problematic portrayal of God in the Old Testament.  Christians, agnostics and even atheists are troubled by what they read in the pages of the Old Testament.

(Click on the cover image on the left for a vimeo of my Swarthmore talk under “Description” or a review under “WTS Review”.)

Is God angry?  Why is he always smiting people and destroying cities, women and children?  Why would someone want to worship a God like that?

Is God sexist?  Wasn’t Eve responsible for the fall of humans?  Why are women 2nd class citizens in the Old Testament?

Is God racist?  God likes the people of Israel, but seems to hate all the nations around Israel, and he ordered the genocide of the Canaanites.

Is God violent?  Jesus was into peace, but YHWH is into war.  He likes to destroy people.

Is God legalistic?  Why is YHWH so legalistic in the Old Testament, but Jesus and Paul are into forgiveness and grace in the New Testament?  (You’ll be surprised at God’s first command.)

Is God inflexible?  Christians are viewed in popular culture as being stubborn and inflexible.  Does God change?  The Old Testament says God does, and he doesn’t change?  How do we reconcile these contradictory portrayals of God?

Is God distant?  Where is God when I’m in pain?  God is God-with-us, the incarnate deity, but all of the negative things we see about God in the Old Testament make him seem distant.

These and other questions are addressed in depth in God Behaving Badly.  Check it out.

The half-price discount expires June 26, 2013.

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