I guess I’m in the right job

Shan Dave Snow Dec 2013My father Richard Lamb is a physicist.  To be precise, a gamma-ray astrophysicist. What he does isn’t rocket science, it’s more complicated than that.

He loved his job (he’s retired now).  But I remember he used to say, “I can’t believe they pay me to do this.” I wouldn’t say that if I were doing gamma-ray astrophysics. But he loved his job.

With the snowstorm that struck the Philadelphia area today (see image of our backyard this afternoon, and on the far left, our sniffing rescue mutt, Tiglath-pileser IV; picture taken by son Noah Lamb), the class that I’m teaching with my wife Shannon at Biblical Seminary got cancelled. It means I didn’t need to frantically prepare all day, didn’t need to send out the class notes, didn’t need to start teaching at 5:30 pm, didn’t need to teach through dinner, didn’t need to teach until 10:15 pm.

Good news, right? Nope. I was really disappointed. I love teaching, and this snow storm was going to deprive me of this opportunity. I realize I lot of people have jobs that would be impossible to love, or would love to have a job period. So, I’m thankful I get to do something I enjoy. I love teaching the Bible.

I guess I’m in the right job. Like my dad.


  1. I love teaching the Bible too! (I have now used my one exclamation point) I know exactly how you feel.
    Thanks for being a part of the process God used to get me to where I am.

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