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Hand over Fist by Kevin Glenn

The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for gridlock.

The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for waste.

Denominations are splitting over the issue of gay marriage.

Churches are dividing over the issue of women in leadership.

Friends are unfriending friends over volatile disputes on Facebook.

Kevin Glenn has something to say about this subject.  (I hate to give spoilers, but it involves Jesus.)

Here is the blurb I gave to describe Kevin Glenn’s new book, Hand Over Fist: An Invitation to Christ-Centered Civility.

“What can we do to stop the incivility epidemic in politics, at work, at home and even in the church?  Start by reading this book.  Combining humor and wisdom, stories and truth, Kevin Glenn invites his readers to follow Christ in a movement toward compassionate civility that will yield spiritual, emotional and relational rewards for those who accept his invitation.” (see top left of the front cover)

The book includes a Forward by Leonard Sweet, and an Afterword by Frank Viola.  Hope you enjoy it.

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