Bathsheba and the Wife of Cain

Bathsheba bathingSo, did Cain really marry his sister?  What happened between David and Bathsheba–was it adultery or rape?

In my next book, Prostitutes and Polygamists: A Look at Love, Old Testament Style, I discuss the wife of Cain in my discussion of incest and the sexual encounter between David and Bathsheba in my discussion of rape and adultery.  (I think it was rape, not adultery.)

As I was perusing the Society of Biblical Literature blogs today, I came across two highly relevant blogs on these two women. These blogs are written by Old Testament scholars who are able to take some of their research and express it in language that is easily understandable to all readers of the Old Testament. If you’re interested in these women, check these two blogs:

Bathsheba by Sara Koenig

Whom Did Cain Marry? by Eva Mroczek

Painting, “Bathsheba Bathing” by Jean Bourdichon (1457-1521).


  1. Thanks for this! I really liked the Bathsheba article. I read Francine Rivers’ book, Lineage of Grace, and I was really disappointed with how harsh she was on Bathsheba, painting her as a seductress. I don’t think David should be let off the hook in this way!

    I can’t WAIT for your book!

    1. I’ll cut a female who’s a bit harsh on Bathsheba a bit more slack than I will a male. I’ll take a look at Rivers’ book. What’s so wrong about taking a bath? She may not have been naked. Thanks for engaging.

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