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The Great Chasm by Derek Engdahl

Derek Engdahl works with Servant Partners, an organization committed to sending teams of people to urban slums, with the vision of seeing them transformed with the Gospel of Jesus.  Over the course of his years with Servant Partners, he has reflected on Luke 16, particularly the chasm described there between the rich and the poor.  He shares his reflections along with his many experiences of urban ministry in his new book, The Great Chasm: How to Stop our Wealth from Separating us from the Poor and God.

Here is my endorsement of the book:

Jesus talks a lot about money.  So does Derek Engdahl.  Whenever I read what Jesus says about money, I feel convicted.  I felt the same way as I read The Great Chasm.  This book isn’t for everyone—only people who own some money.  Although you don’t need much to profit from Engdahl’s wisdom.  Engdahl’s stories and insights into Scripture challenged me, motivated me, and encouraged me.  An investment in The Great Chasm will yield rich benefits.

Check it out.

Full disclosure, while we were both on staff with InterVarsity at the Claremont colleges, Derek and I were roommates (1989-1991).  He was actually the last roommate I had before I moved in with my current roommate.

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