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We are all Sodomites

My recent post on the issue of homosexuality was posted a few days ago on the Missio Alliance blog.

Check it out here: “We are all Sodomites: Love, Mercy and the LGBQT Conversation.

The article is a condensed version of chapter seven of Prostitutes and Polygamists: A Look at Love, Old Testament Style.

See also recent articles I wrote on related topics:

Christianity Today Online: David Was a Rapist, Abraham Was a Sex Trafficker: What We Miss When We Downgrade Old Testament Stories to Sexual Peccadillos.”  As of today, this article has been shared over 3700 times on Facebook.  If you shared it already–thanks!

OnFaith Blog: “5 Unexpected Lessons from a Story I Hate” on the rape of the Levite’s concubine in Judges 19.

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