ping pong

The ping-pong club and the Oakland A’s

My older son Nathan was sitting at the most recent gathering of his high school ping-pong club.  Not surprisingly, the room was packed (5 students).  The teacher who was responsible for the club was describing where the ping-club stood in significance relative to all the other student clubs at the school–at the bottom.

Nate was reminded of a line uttered by Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) in Moneyball to describe the current financial situation of the 2002 Oakland A’s relative to the rest of the teams in MLB.

Nate modified it to fit their situation.
“There’s rich clubs, then there’s poor clubs, then there’s 50 feet of crap, then there’s the ping-pong club.”

Based on his inspiring speech, Nate was elected vice-president.  We’re so proud.

What impressive things have your children done lately? 

The enemies of blogging

Blogging has many enemies.  I’ve been doing it for a few months and posted over 60 entries.  The battle, however, is how to make time to write a blog post.  I blog 3-4 times a week, but have friends that post daily, or even multiple times a day.  Perhaps, I’ll get there someday, but it’s hard to imagine how with all the enemies that attempt to thwart my blogging prospects.

During the summer, a big enemy is the lawn.  Right now, our grass is about 12 inches high and the dandelions are back.  Both blogging and mowing typically occupy my late afternoon slot.  Neither the lawn or the blog are apparently getting the attention they deserve.

Another enemy is my family.  If I could just manage to ignore them, I’d have a chance to reach that 7 times a week threshold.  (I’m speaking only about myself here and not suggesting that bloggers who post more frequently than me ignore their families.)  But I have too much fun playing ping-pong with my teenage sons, or watching part of a video with them in the evening.

I also coach soccer in the fall (and basketball in the winter).  Perhaps, if I were to stop coaching my sons’ sports teams, I’d have more time for blogging (and their teams would have a better record).  Although, the forecast for the weekend is rain, which may mean games get washed out, which would then give me more blogging time.  Since I spend most of my life with Christians (at seminary, at church, at InterVarsity events), coaching is my only forum for interacting regularly with people outside my Christian “ghetto”.

Sometimes my blog just needs to lose the battle.  (Although, the blog is winning at this moment, and the lawn losing–it’s raining.)

Hoping to see Moneyball tomorrow with the family (which may prevent me from blogging).

What “enemies” does your blogging (reading, writing, posting) have?