Her.meneutics: The Newest U.S. Mission Field: Women

A fascinating blog post on why women, particularly younger, professional women are disappearing from churches.

Her.meneutics: The Newest U.S. Mission Field: Women.  (Her.meneutics is a Christianity Today blog that “provides news and analysis from the perspective on evangelical women.”)

The author avoids some of the more significant controversies, but to be honest, I’m not surprised by these statistics.  There’s sexism everywhere, but business and even government are doing better than the church in addressing issues of sexism.  While women are increasingly being affirmed in the corporate world, this isn’t the case in the church.  Why would a gifted and impressive woman stay in a church which doesn’t know how to empower and encourage her?

This is a topic I discuss in chapter two of God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?

Why do you think the number of women in church is going down?    What can the church do to stop the trend? 

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