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Here are links to a few recent podcast I've done, mainly related to my book, The Emotions of God. The Netzer Podcast, The Quite Reformation: "God, You're Soooooo…
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Emotions of God Book Club, anyone?

My latest book The Emotions of God: Making Sense of a God Who Hates, Weeps, and Loves comes out in November, 2022. If this sounds interesting to you, come…
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1-2 Kings commentary cover

The Arrival of Kings

I started working on my commentary for 1-2 Kings in 2012. My doctoral dissertation was focused on 2 Kings (the dynasty of Jehu), so I was excited to…
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Codex Sinaiticus (Luke 11.2)

Does God Care about Capitalization?

I got a question from a student today asking about capitalizing pronouns for God. Here is her email: Many times when I am writing, when it refers to God,…
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Urbana 2018

Since 1946, God has spoken to over 300,000 students at the Urbana conference about missions and what he is doing around the world. The conference started in Toronto,…
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A map of Korea

Traveling to Korea (Oct 25-Nov 5)

I leave today (Oct 25) to travel to Korea for 12 days.  I will be speaking at one of the largest churches in Korea, SaRang (which means "Love")…
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The Old Testament Is Dying book cover

Is the Old Testament Really Dying?

Christianity Today invited me review Brent Strawn's The Old Testament is Dying: A Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment. Here is my review (titled, "Man shall not live on the New Testament alone").…
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Going to Liberia (April 2017)

Despite the malaria, it was one of the highlights of my life. In the summer of 1985, I went on a summer mission project to Nigeria.  We taught…
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Sinai and the Saints

IVP has just come out with a new book which could be very helpful to people trying to figure out how to understand the laws of the Old…
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Kierkegaard: A Single Life

As we were driving down the highway recently as a family, I informed my college-age sons that a recent album (Reflektor) released by one of their favorite bands (Arcade…
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Encounter with an Ark

On New Years Eve Eve, I dragged my family to see the Ark Encounter in Grant County, Kentucky, as part of a visit to my father in Lexington.…
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