Reporting live from Hatfield on Hurricane Irene

This is Dave Lamb reporting from Hatfield, PA on the extensive damage from Hurricane Irene.  As I braved the 12 mph winds (with gusts up to 15 mph), I was devastated to discover that our mailbox back door had blown open.  It’s a good thing I caught that before Monday.  Can you imagine what could have happened if the mail had come out the back side?

Horrors piled upon horrors, as I walked to the side of the house to find that our basketball backboard was laying on its side in the lawn.  It must have blown over there.   Oh, wait, actually, we set it over there on Saturday, so it wouldn’t blow over.  I guess we can’t blame this catastrophe on Irene.

Here are some tree branches in our back yard.  Probably a result of those vicious 15 mph gusts.  It’s a good thing we didn’t park our car in our backyard yesterday like we often do.  Although, come to think of it those branches may have been there already when Shannon was making the tree fort…

More evidence of wind damage.  This pile of leaves clearly was pulled off one of the pin oaks in our backyard.  Can you imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t spotted these leaves and an unsuspecting person had tripped over them?


Perhaps the most devastating damage — frizz!!! need we say more?  (Shannon came up with the idea of hurricane damage and she originally posted this image on Facebook.)

God, be with people without power and families who have lost loved ones.

What hurricane damage you experienced?  Can you top this? 


  1. Yeah, friend…not so funny up here in Telford with 9 inches of rain and too many leaves to count in the bottom of the pool. At least OUR church has service today.. heh heh heh We are hardy stock up here. :o)

  2. Jim, I love the Onion (although, I love my current job more–Pam). Thanks for the link.

    Pam, Yes, we’re wimps. But we had a family Bible study on Jonah 2 this morning. Nate (16) thought it was really impressive that Jonah prayed in poetry.

  3. Daniel, my family spent a lot of time yesterday praying for people without power and families who’ve lost a loved one. We’re aware of the 20+ people who’ve died. I was spoofing the overdone news reports. I’m sorry you were offended. Forgive me.

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