While we were down in the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos) for our anniversary last month we ate a lot of meat with jerk seasoning.  Spicy hot, but very tasty.  This past week Shannon was at Giant (local grocery story) and found a jar of jerk flavoring to add to meat.

The next day we had jerk chicken.  It was delicious, but we still had leftovers, because Nathan (our older son) unexpectedly ended up staying late at a friend’s house and missed joining us for dinner.  The following day, I was eyeing the leftovers.  Being the sensitive guy that I am, not wanting to deprive other members of my family who might also be interested in the chicken, I announced, “I’m having the jerk.”

Shannon replied, “You are what you eat.”  Nice.

I dedicate a book to her and this is how she returns the favor?  I get no respect.

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