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“Nice try Dad”

Nice try Dad, but I do occasionally read my email.
This is an email sent to me by my older son, Nathan (16), in reply to my email warning that I was planning on cutting off XBox live (which allows them to play games online).
It may not seem that XBox Live is a big thing but it actually is. Through “Live” (as it is called in the video game underworld) I can play games (mainly Halo) with people other than Noah (who frankly is not much of a challenge) which is much more fun and also very helpful when friends come over as we can all play as a team against other people over the internet. It may appear that I do not use this function (or even the XBox) a lot but then you must consider the extraordinary amount of work I am currently doing which leaves me with very litle leasure time, let alone time to play extended games on the XBox. Rest assured, I will commence my excessive use of the appliance as soon as my inordinate work load has cleared up.  Whew, I was getting worried.
Finally, the price of XBox Live is almost sixty dollars which sounds like a lot until you consider that’s sixty dollars over the course of the year which is also five dollars a month (same price as Mom’s texting plan but much cooler), seventeen pennies a day, or 1.95e-8 of a penny every second. Seeing as I am now a valuable contributor to the family income (I work two jobs remember) I would
less than grudgingly acquiesce to contributing a small payment as would, I am sure, my illustrious brother.  That’s how Nathan always refers to his brother.
Yours Sincerely,
Nathan Robert Lamb II