The ping-pong club and the Oakland A’s

My older son Nathan was sitting at the most recent gathering of his high school ping-pong club.  Not surprisingly, the room was packed (5 students).  The teacher who was responsible for the club was describing where the ping-club stood in significance relative to all the other student clubs at the school–at the bottom.

Nate was reminded of a line uttered by Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) in Moneyball to describe the current financial situation of the 2002 Oakland A’s relative to the rest of the teams in MLB.

Nate modified it to fit their situation.
“There’s rich clubs, then there’s poor clubs, then there’s 50 feet of crap, then there’s the ping-pong club.”

Based on his inspiring speech, Nate was elected vice-president.  We’re so proud.

What impressive things have your children done lately? 


  1. We had our first major rainstorm of the fall/season in Southern California on Wedhesday. I was shuttling my children to choir when I hear my 7 year old son making comments about the windshield wipers. He observed that the wipers swished every 3 sec. and said, “Mom, did you know that the wipers swished 300 times since we left the house for choir.” I asked how did he come to that conclusion and without dropping a beat, told me that the wipers swished 20 times a minute (60 sec. divided by 3) and it took us 15 minutes to get to choir. So 20 swishes x 15 min. = 300 swishes. “I did a multi-step problem Mom.” I’ve got a math nerd for a son. Should’nt be suprised- I was a math major in college and his father is an engineer.

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