Why pray?

This weekend I’ll be giving a talk on the parable of the Unjust Judge (Luke 18:1-8) as a part of a conference that Shannon and I are doing together on “God Behaving Badly in Jesus’ Parables.”  At the beginning of the talk I’m going to ask them “Why pray?”  How would you answer that question (in one sentence)?  I’d love to get some comments so that I can use some of your answers this weekend.  (Neither the dog or the boy are related to me–just a Google image capture.  I know the dog has his eyes closed, but God would probably be more open to responding to a canine prayer if he could get his paws in the proper position.)

Why pray? 


  1. Praying opens our hearts to God and His purposes

    Praying makes us commit to our true desires and put them on the line with God and face the possibility of not getting our desired response (and having to deal with our perspective on who God is) or else getting it (and receiving God’s blessing)

    We pray because God wants us to

  2. Aunt Ruthie,You are such a besislng to all of us! You say what is in my heart so beautifully. I watched “The Passion of the Christ” again the other night, and was reminded of the unimaginable price Jesus paid so we could be free. All of those stripes for our healing and His precious blood shed for our forgiveness…how could we not be eternally grateful and continuously praise Him? The same power that raised Jesus from the dead now quickens, or makes alive, even our mortal bodies.I look forward to visiting with you when we get to heaven and seeing your amazing mansion! I think it will look much like mine, since I love everything about your earthly home!I remember those paper fans with the picture of Jesus from campmeeting! Have a blessed week and glorious Resurrection Day!

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