The month of October is dominated by Halloween.  Everything becomes orange and black.  People work on their costumes.   Homes begin to stock-pile candy.  Pumpkins that haven’t been decimated by hurricane Irene are carved.   If a sporting event occurs sometime near Halloween, viewers are subjected to crazed fans who’ve donned outrageous or scary outfits for their five seconds of fame.  We are forced to forgo chocolate-chip cookies for much less desirable baked goods from the guts of discarded orange vegetables.

The month of December is dominated by Christmas. Everything becomes green and red.  People work on their shopping.  Homes begin to stockpile presents.  Christmas songs are heard everywhere.  Trees, decorations, lights, you know the routine.  If a sporting event occurs during the month of December, viewers are subjected to crazed fans who’ve donned outrageous or “Santa-like” outfits for their five seconds of fame.  We are forced to forgo chocolate-chip cookies for much less desirable fruit-cake.  (Get serious, no one really eats that.)

The month of November is dominated by Thanksgiving.  Huh?  I don’t think so.  The beginning of November is Halloween hang-over.  The end of November is Christmas warm-up.  It’s now November 4 and no one has begun to gear up for Thanksgiving and it’s not going to happen until Nov. 23.  To start with Thanksgiving needs two distinct colors (yellow and purple?  Nah, that’s too much like LSU).  Any suggestions?  While Christmas should be a time to celebrate the incarnation of God, that’s not really what most of it’s about.  But Thanksgiving hasn’t been tainted by commercialism yet, so there’s still hope.

What would it be like to have a month that was characterized by people saying, “Thank you”?  How cool would that be?  To focus on thanking God and thanking others.

I’m thankful to God for a job where I get to do what I love, teach the Bible, and for a family that gives me joy and makes me laugh.

How would you suggest making giving-thanks a full-month celebration? 

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