John Huss vs. Mary Magdalene (Lent Madness)

If you like both NCAA basketball and church history, here’s something to bring those two disparate worlds together: Lent Madness.  Click here: Lent Madness.  It’s a 32-team bracket competition between the Saints.  You decide.

Today’s match-up, John Huss (the Bohemian reformer) against Mary Magdalene (early follower of Jesus), who has the home court advantage.  Vegas says this one is a toss-up, but in the votes cast so far MM has a commanding lead.  I was really torn here, because I wrote a Church History paper on Huss (also spelled Hus) who actually was a precursor to the reformation movement pre-Luther and pioneered the Cross-over dribble pre-Allen Iverson.  (Huss is being burned in the image on the left.  Notice how his hair matches the flames.)

But I went with Mary because it’s hard to go against someone who was so devoted to Jesus.


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