Face Painting, Unicorns and Dragons

My wife Shannon was doing face painting at a church event recently.  The Face Painting Supervisor (FPS) informed her that there would be no demons, witches, unicorns or dragons (or touching of the historical artifacts?).  I can understand the first two.  It would be not be good for the church to be filled with little demon-witch children, but unicorns and dragons?  What’s wrong with that?

Since I had been discussing my upcoming unicorn blog, Shannon replied to the FPS, “Oh, but there are unicorns in the Bible, at least in the King James Version.”  This initially stumped the FPS, but she finally responded, “If unicorns are in the Bible, I guess that’s OK.”

Actually, Shannon could have said, “Unicorns, dragons, witches and demons are all in the Bible”.  Despite that, I’d probably still not want my young child to be decorated with demonic images.  (Although C.S. Lewis wrote stories about dragons and witches…)

As a sequel to my posts on unicorns, I was going to write one on dragons in the Bible, mainly in the King James Version.  But Joel Hoffman has already done just that, as he informed me in his comment to my unicorn blog:

Unicorns, Dragons, and Other Animals You Meet in the Bible « God Didn’t Say That.

He covers the subject in more detail than me, so I will defer to his expertise on this important biblical issue.

So, what do you think, is it OK to paint unicorns and dragons on little boys and girls’ faces? 

One comment

  1. Well, I hate to sound “religious” in this reply but I would not want to apply the symbols the bible uses to represent evil to mark my child. It is not that dragons etc. in themselves are necessarily evil, but more that I do not wish to represent evil symbolism on the precious face of kids:) As we are made in the image of God, and His glory can rest upon our countanence (Moses), I would stay away from painting dark imagery on the same face. I cannot imagine the Christ painting dragons on the little ones he suffers to come unto him and that would be my guide. Just my 2 cents:)

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