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Jeremy Lin’s InterVarsity Roots – News – InterVarsity.org

Jeremy Lin was involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship when he was at Harvard.  To read more about his IV connection, check out this link: Jeremy Lin’s InterVarsity Roots – News – InterVarsity.org.

Besides my publisher being IVP, my wife Shannon has worked with IV for 27 years which means I’m connected to that world, and I speak in IV contexts frequently.  My brother Rich worked with IV at Harvard back in the 1990’s and helped bring Tom Lin (no relation) on staff, who’s mentioned in the IV article.

Lin made a huge splash in Feb when, coming from no where, he helped resurrect the Knicks.  For awhile they were the hottest team in the NBA.  But a bit like Tebow with the Broncos last fall, Lin has been taking flak recently, and the Knicks have struggled.

God, be with Jeremy Lin.  Help him continue to navigate success and failure under the spotlight graciously and faithfully. 

What’s your favorite “Linsanity” term? 

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