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The Luddite Chronicles I

The Luddites were English textile workers who violently opposed mechanization of their industry between 1811-1816.  They liked to smash things, automated looms usually.  The movement was so popular that the British army had to get involved to quash it.

Now a “Luddite” can refer to anyone opposed to innovation, often involving technology or computers.  Which brings me to the point of this blog.  I consider myself a bit of a Luddite.  (It sounds quite flattering actually–“Hey, you big Luddite!”)  I’m not a Luddite in all areas, just a few areas related to technology, so I thought I’d start a series of Luddite Chronicles.

Topics that I plan to discuss are:

1) Newspapers v. news online
2) Dumb phones v. smart phones
3) Real books v. e-books

Just to be clear, my Luddite tendencies are not due to technophobia.  I have a MS degree in engineering and I taught computer science.

What other categories of technology would you like to discuss?

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddites

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