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Monetizing, verbizing and honestizing

Monetizing–don’t you love taking a noun and making it into a verb?  I call it “verbizing.”  In a few years you’ll find “verbize” in Websters and you can say you heard it here first.

I had never heard of “monetizing” until a few months ago.  When monetizing refers to a blog that usually means advertizing.  So, monetizing means creating revenue (which I call “monet“).

No, I’m not planning on adding ads to my site any time soon.  (Why not?  I don’t know how.)  Apparently smart phone users sometimes see ads when visiting my site.  These ads come from WordPress and no revenue for them comes to me.  I’m sorry about that.  (Sorry that none comes to me, not sorry that you have to put up with them).

You may not have noticed but back in February I attempted to start monetizing.  This is how it works.  I’m now a member of Amazon Associates and if you click on a link from my website (or even an image of a book cover) and go to Amazon and purchase something (purchasing is key here, not just clicking), I get a tiny little “monet“.

For the first couple months of monetizing, absolutely zero monet accrued to my account.  But eventually, something magical happened.  A few weeks ago, one of you mysterious blog readers clicked on one of the book links and then made a purchase.   After the 3 items were shipped, I finally had a monet credit ($1.06–I don’t want to calculate the hourly wage, I’ll get depressed).  To whomever you are, purchaser #1, I thank you.

Why am I telling you this?  Just to be honest with you my readers (I call it honestizing– I know it’s an adjective not a noun, but why should nouns get all the fun?).  If you don’t like the idea of supporting my website, then don’t ever click and purchase from one of my links to Amazon.  On the other hand, if you do like the idea of supporting the site, feel free to click and purchase (you can click here on God Behaving Badly or on the cover image).  I always say, honestizing is the best policy.

Do you know any other good examples of verbizing? 

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